DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Server

Big Change Inbound!

By aWinterRose - Posted Aug 15, 17

Hello DifferentCrafters,

We've been in the process of creating a new website for the server to produce a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing site. On the 24th, we will be officially switching over to the new website. Due to it being on an entirely different platform, you WILL have to register again.

We know this may be an inconvenience for some and so we apologize. However, we do expect better performance and overall organisation after the initial transfer period. Additionally, we will be integrating our new rules at this time so we strongly encourage you to read up on them after signing up!

We’re also featuring a new section in the forums to introduce yourself. We’ve introduced ourselves on the new staff page, so now it's your turn!

We look forward to this change and getting to know you, and hope you do too!

DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Server