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aWinterRose posted Aug 10, 17

Who's ready for more enchants?! We sure are. Below you'll get to know all about them for when we add them in on Friday!


Juggernaut can be used on boots and will make you immune to knockback! Hold your ground with this new enchant, but be warned, they will lose durability twice as fast!

Max Level: 1


Trawler can be used on fishing rods to increase the amount of fish you catch by 1 per level!

Max Level: 5


Shadowflay can be added to your weapons and tools to give your opponents weakness, blindness, and nausea when you hit them. The higher the level, the longer the affects and the shorter the cool down!

Max Level: 3


Arachnoward can be added to your armour to decrease the damage taken by those pesky spiders. Yuck!

Max Level: 2

Hello Differentcrafter’s!

We’re back with four new custom enchants you’ll now be able to obtain in game. Hope you enjoy!

Beheading can be used on all weapons and tools and will increase your chance of getting a players head when you kill them with it.
Max Level: 3

Can be used on any item including armour, weapons, and tools. The item will remain in your inventory on death, and the enchant will be removed (the enchant will only work for one death).

Max Level: 1

Can be put on shovels and hoes. Shovels will turn grass into a path in a 3x3, 5x5, or 7x7 area depending on the level, while hoes will create a 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7 area of farmland for planting crops.
Max Level: 3

Can be added to boots for a speed boost.
Max Level: 2

FallingSolstice Do not use soul bound until it is fixed, my gear literally glitched out and disappeared after i died.
GrayMother Question about till, does the hoe and shovel be used in a bigger radius (eg using it in a flat land and around where you...

Hello all,

DifferentCraft would like to thank you for your participation on the server this past month! We would like to reward our top three voters, and top three highest playtime users, as usual. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope everyone will continue to contribute positively to our server! Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to all our users this month!

July Top Voters

In first place, is payloss with 222 votes!

First place receives a $25 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is derpysnorlaxx with 221 votes!

Second place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is indiehumbug with 148 votes!

Third place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

July Top Playtime

In first place, is Budanator with 332.35 hours!

First place receives a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is Mahimanta with 330.43 hours!

Second place receives a $10 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is Ubitnik with 261.84 hours!

Third place recieves a $5 coupon for the donation store.

Congratulations to our winners once again, you can find your coupons in a private message on enjin or in your /mail.

alguy1 Damn so close to top voter for July! guess ill wait for next July to try again and hopefully not lose 10 votes to glitch...
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